Subaru 2006/2007 Model STI Performance 


"On the road, it all means the APS STI is a more relaxing drive because you’re not constantly hunting back through the six-speed for a ratio that’s actually gonna spool up some herbs. The thing will actually accelerate in sixth now, which is really saying something."





Dyno-Comp Builds the Ultimate STI - 504 WHP
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We are passionate about high performance for the All Wheel Drive Subaru. Drawing on 30 years of turbocharging and intercooler system design and production knowledge, our mission is to produce the very best high performance systems and components to significantly enhance STI engine power.

APS 370 Horsepower Super Sprint High Output System - Specifically designed for the US specification 2.5L model STI

Individual Components

AIR INTAKE Systems & Components

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Cold Air Intake System - 65mm
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Cold Air Intake System - 70mm I.D.

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Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Pod Air Intake System

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APS 80mm Turbocharger Inlet Pipe System for APS Rotated Mount Turbochargers
INTERCOOLER Systems & Components
APS DR 525 Front Mount Intercooler System APS DR 725 Front Mount Intercooler System
SR 375 Dual Entry Top Mount Intercooler System - for Drive-by-wire models

APS Windscreen Washer Bottle Relocation Kit
HEADER Systems
Catalytic Converters
APS High Energy Stainless Steel Turbine Inlet (Up) Pipe (for use with APS Equal Length Split Pulse Headers)
Ball Bearing Turbochargers

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APS Twin Scroll Rotated Mount Ball Bearing - 700 horsepower
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APS Twin Scroll Rotated Mount Ball Bearing - 560 horsepower
aps turbo
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P/N 990-060-650
APS SR56 Series Ball Bearing Turbo
Sleeve Bearing Turbochargers

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P/N 990-060-475
APS SS45 Series Sleeve Bearing Turbo
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P/N 990-060-460
APS SS42 Series Sleeve Bearing Turbo
TMIC High Volume Dual Vent Blow Off Valve FMIC High Volume Dual Vent Blow Off Valve
Tumbler Valve Delete Manifold Housing for Side Feed Injectors APS High Output Fuel System - Side Feed Injectors

STI Flywheel Power Graphs


1. Stock

2. Add 3" APS Turbo Back Exhaust System

3. Add Engine Management

4. Add APS Cold Air Intake System

5. Add APS DR 525 Front Mount Intercooler System

1. The stock curve is reasonably representative of Subaru's claims when run on 93 R+M/2 Octane fuel.

2. The second curve illustrates the gain (20 hp max) to be obtained by the installation of the full APS turbo Back exhaust system. The stock cat back components are quite efficient at stock power levels, hence opting for an aftermarket cat back system is of little benefit in terms of power increase.

3. The third curve illustrates the benefit achieved through installation of the re-calibrated APS plug-in engine management unit. As can be seen from the boost curve, there has been significant remapping in this area. However, the most significant feature of the boost curve is the way it returns to stock at redline. This is simply the result of insufficient air mass flow through the stock air element assembly/turbocharger compressor.

4. The fourth curve illustrates the effect of installing the APS Cold Air Intake System. Although boost has not altered, peak power rises and more importantly is held out to redline. This is a result of significantly reducing the restriction created by the stock air cleaner assembly. This permits later gear changes and results in superior acceleration by keeping the engine more within its maximum power band.

5. The fifth curve illustrates the result of installing the APS DR525 Front Mount Intercooler System. This has effectively eliminated any system pressure drop between the air cleaner element and the throttle body. In other words, from the turbocharger compressor's point of view, this is as good as it gets! As can be seen from the curve, the engine is producing 370 hp (flywheel), however the peak point has dropped to 5,000 RPM - A sure fire indicator of insufficient compressor mass flow. There is only one way to go from this point - and that is to install a larger turbocharger.



SR55 goes 11.5 sec @ over 122 mph!


MZM's Full Weight Subaru WRX with '03 JDM STI Version 8 Type C Transplant peeled off consistent mid 11's in San Antonio in an internally stock 2.0L fitted with the following components:

APS SR55 Turbocharger APS Front Mount Intercooler
APS 3.5" Race Exhaust APS Dual Vent BOV
APS High Flow Cold Air Intake 101 Octane Unleaded Fuel
No other engine modifications such as NOS etc.

Click here for video action of MZM's previous 11.6 sec @ 121 mph run.