APS CS Spec System 

"the fastest car ever recorded by our Correvit, pulled 1g in acceleration off the line, quicker than a $300K F355 Ferrari!"  

Motor Magazine  


At last here is a "power-up" installation that has been designed and engineered as a complete system by one of Australia's most experienced companies in the field. The APS 206kW Stage One System is optimized specifically for Australia's unique conditions and fuel octane ratings. 

APS has transformed the Subaru's "pocket rocket" WRX by boosting standard flywheel output from 155kW to a truly exhilarating 206kW. But that doesn't tell the whole story. Significantly enhanced mid range torque really transforms the WRX into a torque monster with fantastic straight line acceleration and much more driveable than the stock vehicle.  

The highly regarded APS commitment to quality is assurance that reliability has been designed into the system.  

All components supplied have been carefully matched and exceed APS's strict performance and reliability criteria. Over 60,000 km of  road testing on APS's MY97, MY98, MY99 and MY00 engineering vehicles ensures maximum performance with total engine reliability.  

APS enhanced WRX's have competed and won many hill climbs, club sprints and road rallies. At APS we have a simple philosophy when it comes to performance. To come first, first you must finish. 

Performance is not only measured by quick quarter mile times and high speed. At APS we believe it's as important that you have many years of reliable enjoyment and a car that is always exhilarating to drive. 

Installation and tuning of the APS system can be completed in one day by APS or by APS's national network of authorized agents. 

P/N APSWRX-CS/99 Suits MY99 & MY00 

1999 (MY99) & 2000 (MY00) WRX CS Spec system (APSWRX-CS/99) includes:  
Unichip engine management
Unichip boost control
High Flow Cold Air Intake System
Dual Entry Intercooler System

High Pressure Intercooler Silicon Duct

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Unichip controlled water spray (top mount intercooler)
Click Below for chassis dynamometer charts from our in house 4WD Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer.  
MY99 MY00