SS Series Turbocharger


"the fastest car ever recorded by our Correvit, pulled 1g in acceleration off the line, quicker than a $300K F355 Ferrari!"  

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APS SS Series Turbochargers
Finally, a range of affordable high performance direct replacement turbochargers that have been specifically designed for the Subaru WRX, Forester and Legacy by the Subaru performance specialists - APS.

APS has designed and produced what is arguably the ultimate in affordable high performance turbochargers for the Subaru performance enthusiast.

APS Turbocharger

Unencumbered by the limitations of current off the shelf Subaru turbochargers, APS has totally engineered a series of turbochargers from the ground up to match the exact requirements of high performance Subaru 2.0L and 2.5L engines.

High strength compressor wheel design and high nickel content turbine housing means complete reliability to high pressure ratios - And since nobody likes to wait, the APS SS Series turbochargers are designed for fast spool-up to deliver crisp turbocharger response and mountains of torque.

Best of all, SS turbochargers are complete bolt on. Simple hook up of all factory connections and full compatibility with high performance stock position inlet/exhaust means that the installation of your APS SS Series turbocharger is truly no hassle.

The APS SS45 and SS42 turbochargers employ identical compressor design, dimensions and charge air flow. The difference is in the turbine housings - which in the case of the SS45 turbocharger, a larger A/R results in higher exhaust gas flow capacity for powerful 2.5L engines.

If you want ballistic power and outstanding turbocharger reliability in a truly bolt on high performance and affordable unit, then the APS SS Series turbocharger is the perfect choice.

APS SS42 Turbocharger - P/N 920-060-460 APS SS45 Turbocharger - P/N 920-060-475
Designed with a smaller turbine housing primarily for 2.0L engines. Large turbine housing to suit higher exhaust gas flow of 2.5L engines.