Subaru 2006/2007 Model STI Performance 



Following on from the success that Dyno-Comp in Arizona enjoyed with their original giant-killer time attack car, Richard Garcia's team crafted what is arguably the ultimate Subaru high-performance sports car.

Based on a brand new 2006 STI, the talented Dyno-Comp engineering team carefully selected a range of products to use and weaved their magic to deliver truly outstanding engine and vehicle performance. In addition, this STI is a high horsepower track car, so the 0.82 A/R Ratio APS Rotated Mount TSR70 turbocharger delivered the optimum level of outright horsepower and crisp throttle response.

Below is a summary of technical information of this highly desirable performance car.

Vehicle Information
  • 2006 Subaru STI
  • Vehicle Weight: 2780 lb
  • Weight Bias (F/R): 60/40
  • Launch RPM: 5000
  • Shift RPM: 8300
Engine Information
  • Engine Code: Cosworth EJ25 Long Block CS600X
  • Displacement (cc): 2457cc
  • Bore & Stroke (mm): 99.5mm bore, 79mm stroke
  • Peak Horsepower (@RPM): 504 WHP @ 7300 RPM (Dyno Dynamics)
  • Peak Torque (@RPM): 450 WTQ @ 5000 RPM (Dyno Dynamics)
  • Compression Ratio: 8.2:1
  • Cosworth H-Beam connecting rods
  • Cosworth Billet crank
  • CNC ported heads, full top and bottom end machined and blueprinted and built at Cosworth.
  • Cosworth S2 Camshafts:
    • Intake camshaft duration "278" deg.
    • Intake camshaft lift 10.7mm
    • Exhaust camshaft duration "274" deg.
    • Exhaust camshaft lift 10.0mm
  • Cosworth High RPM Vale Springs
  • Cosworth Titanium retainers
  • Hand blended finish work
    • Intake 14.63% (average) 22% (max) increased flow
    • Exhaust 30.56%(average) 41% (max) increased flow
  • 4-angle Inlet Valve job
  • 3-angle & radius Exhaust Valve job
  • Back-Cut Inlet Valves
  • Heads are Ultra Sonic cleaned prior to assembly
  • Heads are Serialized and sport a machined Cosworth logo
  • +1mm Stainless Steel Intake Valves (1800 degrees max.)
  • +1mm Inconel Exhaust Valves (2400 degrees max.)
  • Performance Valve Springs
  • Hardened Steel Spring Platforms
  • Knife edged ports
  • ARP 11.0 mm Head Studs
  • APS 80 mm Cold Air Intake
  • Extrude Honed Intake manifold with port matched TGV’s
  • Stock Throttle Body
  • APS Fuel Rails
  • 8AN fuel lines with surge tank
  • Power Enterprises 850cc
  • ECUtek Tuned on the factory ECU
  • Dyno-Comp tuned in house on AWD Dyno
  • Factory Ignition Coils
  • NGK Racing Competition (R7437-8)
  • APS TSR70 Twin Scroll 0.82 A/R Ratio - rotated mount Turbocharger
  • APS Equal Length Header – Twin Pulse for APS TSR70 0.82 A/R Ratio turbocharger
  • Tial 44mm external wastegate
  • APS Twin Vent Blow off Valve
  • APS 3.5 downpipe
  • APS 3.5" Exhaust System
  • APS DR725 Intercooler System
  • Dyno-Comp Custom 3.0” Core Aluminum Radiator
  • Dyno-Comp Custom 10 AN Oil Cooler 14”x10”
  • Moroso aluminum deep sump, baffled, 7-Qt capacity
  • Gauges:
    • DEFI 60mm amber
    • Boost
    • EGT
    • Oil Pressure
    • Fuel Pressure
    • Oil Temp
    • Water Temp
    • Innovate LM1 wideband
Power & Torque - At the Wheels
Recorded at Dyno-Comp - Phoenix Arizona on a Dyno Dynamics 4WD dynamometer (Approx 20% lower readings than the AWD Dynojet).
Tuning Data
104 Octane Sonoco Unleaded - 104 (R+M)/2 octane equivalent to 109 RON Unleaded

Total Ignition Advance
6000 RPM 19 Deg BTDC
6500 RPM 22 Deg BTDC
7000 RPM 25 Deg BTDC
7500 RPM 28 Deg BTDC
8000 RPM 31 Deg BTDC
8500 RPM 34 Deg BTDC

APS Components and Systems
APS 80mm Turbocharger Inlet Pipe System

Click here for details P/N APSWRX-HFA/R9

APS DR 725 Front Mount Intercooler System

Click here for details P/N APSWRX-FMI/R4

Exhaust System
APS High Energy Stainless Steel Turbine Inlet (Up) Pipe (for use with APS Equal Length Split Pulse Headers)

Included with P/N APSWRX-RMT/03

Ball Bearing Turbocharger
APS 0.82 A/R Ratio Twin Scroll Rotated Mount Ball Bearing - 700 horsepower

Click for details P/N APSWRX-RMT/03

Blow Off Valve
FMIC High Volume Dual Vent Blow Off Valve

Click here for details P/N 995-047-100

Tumbler Valve Delete Manifold Housing for Side Feed Injectors

Click here for details P/N APSSTI-TDI/04

APS High Output Fuel System - Side Feed Injectors

Click here for details P/N APSSTI-FRP/01