APS Subaru Performance
High Energy Turbine Inlet (Up) Pipe


"the fastest car ever recorded by our Correvit, pulled 1g in acceleration off the line, quicker than a $300K F355 Ferrari!"  

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APS High Energy Turbine Inlet (Up) Pipe - APSSTI-TIP/07
The APS High Energy Turbine Inlet (Up) Pipe is a complete bolt-on assembly designed for high horsepower applications when used in combination with the APS equal length split pulse header system.

Precision crafted in 321 stainless steel the APS high energy up-pipe includes a truly innovative Double Wall 321 stainless steel flex coupling that incorporates an internal 321 stainless steel Endurance flow tube for smooth flow and bullet-proof performance.

The result is crisp turbocharger response and the highest horsepower possible under all driving conditions and at any engine speed.

An added benefit, the comprehensive heat shielding included with the APS up-pipe keeps harmful radiative thermal loads from the engine bay. In addition, the heat shields ensures that the greatest amount of thermal energy is transferred to the turbocharger for even greater horsepower and enhanced throttle response.

Unlike up-pipes without 321 Stainless flexible coupling, the APS up pipe will not suffer from cracking or manifold stud breakages due to the expansion under extreme load and high exhaust gas temperature.

The APS Double Wall 321 Stainless Steel Flex Coupling is specifically designed and manufactured to suit the WRX and STI under high horsepower applications.

With an innovative internal 321 stainless steel Endurance Flow Tube, the external Double Wall 321 Stainless Steel flex is insulated from high exhaust gas temperature to ensure total durability - whilst providing a stress free coupling between the exhaust manifold and turbocharger.

Precision TIG welded into the entry flange, the smooth internal profiled Endurance Flow Tube also enhances exhaust gas flow for even greater horsepower and throttle response - especially when compared with up-pipes using a traditional flex coupling.

As a truly bolt on system, the APS High Energy Turbine Inlet Pipe matches the standard WRX and STI turbocharger entry port and stud pattern and is therefore suitable for use with the stock Mitsubishi turbocharger as well as the extensive range of APS SR and SS Series Performance turbochargers.

In order to further ensure a positive, leak free seal, the APS High Energy Turbine Inlet Pipe is supplied complete with A286 gas turbine fastener material studs, flanged self locking nuts and OEM specification heat shields.

The APS High Energy Turbine Inlet Pipe (Up-Pipe) delivers the optimum performance, response and component durability under extreme load and high horsepower applications. It is a perfect partner with the APS range of performance turbochargers.

NOTE: Installation of this component may affect exhaust emissions. Consequently, APS recommends this component be installed in vehicles intended for off-road or competition use only.

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