Dual Entry Intercooler 



"the fastest car ever recorded by our Correvit, pulled 1g in acceleration off the line, quicker than a $300K F355 Ferrari!"

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APS Top Mount Intercooler System
As boost pressure is increased, the temperature of the inlet air increases and robs power from the engine.  
The APS dual entry top mount intercooler with twin induction to better spread the cooling effect on the incoming charge is designed for maximum street performance on the WRX or STI fitted with drive-by-wire throttle system. With the significantly lower pressure drop (less than 0.02 Bar / 0.3 psi at 240 kW / 320 hp across the intercooler and 1.6 psi total pressure drop including the throttle body), it's a perfect partner for stock and high output turbochargers.

For optimum performance, the intercooler core itself is internally finned with large internal charge air channels.  This results in huge cooling capacity APS TMICwith very high contact area for heat transfer and the highest volumetric air flowrate. Just as importantly, the APS cast alloy end tanks ensure even charge air distribution through the intercooler core without "hot spots" commonly found in aftermarket intercoolers. That along with huge intercooler core volume of 603 cu in compared to the standard intercooler ensures the maximum possible intercooling performance.

The APS top mount intercooler is absolutely the largest top mount intercooler that is possible to practically install in the late model STI, WRX or Forester fitted with fly-by-wire throttle - core dimensions of 20" x 6.7" x 4.5"

Note: APSWRX-CCD/06 required for Forester and 06/07 Model WRX.

Stock Compressor Discharge Duct used on 2004-2007 model STI

APS TMIC BOV Mount Blow off valve mount cast into the APS TMIC for direct bolt on fitment of factory style flanged blow off valves.


Stock TMIC
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