"the fastest car ever recorded by our Correvit, pulled 1g in acceleration off the line, quicker than a $300K F355 Ferrari!"  

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APS R Series Front Mount Intercooler 

APS R Series Front Mount Intercooler System

In the case of intercooling, where bigger is better, APS shoehorned the largest intercooler core possible into the WRX (whilst still retaining the driving lights!) for maximum cooling capacity and engine performance. 

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More efficient than any top mount intercooler, the APS R Series FMIC has a huge cooling volume of 9,072 cm3. Compare this to a surface area of 3,900 cm3 on the standard intercooler.
But there's more to intercooling than size alone. Fully engineered cast aluminium trapezoidal end tanks ensure optimum charge air distribution throughout the entire cooling core for maximum cooling and to minimize pressure drop. 

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An intercooler drops the charge air temperature which enhances the combustion of the air/fuel mixtures. This more complete combustion of air fuel mixtures produces higher engine power.

To cope with the extreme 200 deg C temperatures and 2 Bar pressures that modern ball bearing turbochargers operate at, APS utilizes smooth bore moulded, nomex reinforced silicon and HD rubber charge air hoses. 


Available in Stealth Black
STI Silver

Please note that intercooler fitment requires the use of the APS high flow air intake system to ensure correct hose clearance.

For applications utilizing a larger turbocharger, APS recommends the use of a high performance blow off valve .
APSWRX-FMI/97 Suits MY97, MY98 WRX

APSWRX-FMI/99 Suits MY99, MY00 WRX, STI 2 Door Version 5, STI 4 Door Version 6