APS High Output Fuel System


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APS High Output Fuel System
High horsepower levels place enormous loads upon the fuel system - to the point where the stock fuel rails and fuel lines are no longer capable of supplying the injectors with adequate fuel at the correct fuel pressure. This is not only a concern because of the mixture variation from cylinder to cylinder that results, but also because this fuel distribution issue becomes more prominent as the power level increases.

The stock North-South fuel flow configuration however, is an excellent design for the Subaru engine and one that demands further development to satisfy the fuel flow requirements of extreme power engines.

APS has risen to the challenge of delivering the ultimate high performance fuel system - beginning with the awesome APS precision NC machined billet fuel rails.

Huge 7/16 inch internal fuel passages result in extreme fuel flow capacity to each injector - with a significant improvement over stock. In addition, by maintaining a North-South fuel flow configuration, the APS fuel rail solution also solves the distribution problems experienced with after-market Centre-drain designs, where fuel flows past one injector before exiting in the centre of the fuel rail. For fuel to reach the next injector, it must travel down a dead-end passage.

APS fuel rails operate with fresh fuel flow to each and past each injector resulting in the most consistent fuel flow momentum possible to each injector.

APS High Output Fuel System
- Fuel Flow matched for extreme power levels
- North-South Fuel Rails for the best possible fuel distribution
- Balance fuel supply to each fuel rail for equal distribution
- Precision Machined Billet Fuel Rails with huge 7/16 passages

More good news is that each APS fuel rail includes a pre-drilled and tapped 1/8 NPT inspection port ready for connection to any professional fuel pressure monitoring/data logging device.

Huge "- 6" Teflon Lined, Braided Stainless Steel fuel lines transport fuel from balanced distribution ports to each APS fuel rail to ensure tottally balanced fuel supply to each cylinder bank. Once fuel has been equally delivered to each fuel injector, "-6" lines again transport fuel from both APS fuel rails and transport it back to the fuel return system.

All up, the APS High Output Fuel System is arguably the ultimate available for high horsepower Subaru WRX and STI engines - on the planet.

Click Here for information on how Dyno-Comp relies on this precision crafted APS product to build what is arguably the ultimate Subaru high-performance sports car.

STI enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the APS High Output Fuel System has been designed as a do-it-yourself installation and we are sure you will find the experience personally rewarding.