High Flow Turbo Outlet


"the fastest car ever recorded by our Correvit, pulled 1g in acceleration off the line, quicker than a $300K F355 Ferrari!"  

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High Flow Turbine Outlet
For minimum restriction and optimum gas flow of exhaust gasses exiting the turbocharger, APS has engineered the High Flow Turbo Outlet housing. This housing is designed for high exhaust gas temperatures which are normal in high performance turbocharged engines. Cast in high temperature ductile iron ensures maximum durability under high rpm, load and boost conditions. 

The shape of the exhaust immediately after the turbocharger is critical not only for strong outright performance, but for excellent turbo response and correct turbocharger and waste gate operation. The exact optimum shape for the best performance possible cannot be formed from steel tube and we at APS do not compromise on performance. This third generation High Flow Turbine Outlet improves catalytic "light-off" performance. It also reduces disturbance of the primary exhaust discharge from the turbine wheel caused by the wastegate swing valve opening. The result is a marked improvement in overall system efficiency.. 

This high flow housing bolts directly to the Mitsubishi TD04  turbocharger and the popular range of IHI VF series turbochargers. The outlet end bolts directly to a standard 3" exhaust flange (included with High Flow Turbo Outlet along with mounting hardware, gasket and stainless steel heat shield).

This is a highly recommended component for high performance WRX and STI engines. 


WRX and STI enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the High Flow Turbine Outlet has been designed as a do-it-yourself installation and we are sure you will find the experience personally rewarding.

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NOTE: Not sold separately