APS Turbo Inlet Pipe System


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APS Turbo Inlet Pipe - P/N APSWRX-CID/01
At last a true high performance turbocharger inlet pipe that actually is a pipe! Due to the tight and complex space available under the stock inlet manifold, these pipes have traditionally been available only as an aftermarket silicon hose.

The APS Turbocharger Inlet Pipe however is precision manufactured in stainless steel and the thin wall tubing (when compared to silicon hoses) delivers the maximum possible internal sectional area for the highest turbocharger air flow. In addition, the strong pipe walls completely solves the problems of hose collapse when under suction at high air flow rates.

APS Turbo Inlet Pipe

+ Maximum Performance

+ Zero hose collapse at high power levels

+ Suits Stock and 3" Inlet Turbochargers

+ Excellent engine breating system operation

The entry to the APS Turbocharger Inlet Pipe that is outside the constraints of the inlet manifold is designed using a custom silicon hose with inbuilt bellows. This hose has an internal diameter equal to the external diameter of the pipe - for maximum air flow at huge power levels as well as delivering excellent Longitudinal flexibility to allow for engine movement on the engine mounts.

Two Products in One
Each APS Turbocharger Inlet Pipe is delivered with two entry pipe to turbocharger silicon coupling hoses.

One hose to suit the stock turbocharger and large 3" internal diameter hose matched to high performance turbochargers with a 3" inlet.

The APS Compressor Inlet Duct system is supplied complete with high quality ancillary hardware.

Click Here for information on how Dyno-Comp relies on this precision crafted APS product to build what is arguably the ultimate Subaru high-performance sports car.

Installation Guide
Click Here for the APS Turbo Inlet Pipe installation guide


Click Here for a printer friendly PDF version of the APS Turbo Inlet Pipe installation guide (Caution - 2,000 kb size).