High Flow Pod Air Intake 



"the fastest car ever recorded by our Correvit, pulled 1g in acceleration off the line, quicker than a $300K F355 Ferrari!" 

Motor Magazine  



APS High Flow Pod Air Intake System
The APS smooth bore precision machined aluminium Pod air intake system delivers a huge volume of air to the turbo charger for high engine performance. 

This APS pod air intake system is the most cost effective way to achieve greater air flow, and fantastic sound.  Coated in STI style red wrinkle finish, the APS pod air intake looks as good as it sounds and certainly enhances under-hood presentation.

Complete with quality mounting hardware including nuts, bolts, washers, support bracket, installation diagram with comprehensive instructions, the APS Pod Air Intake is designed for easy installation.

With basic hand tools and a spare 30 minutes of time, installation is a breeze. And best of all, the APS Pod air intake system works in perfect harmony with the stock WRX engine management system as well as aftermarket ECU's.

Part Number APSWRX-PAC/01 Suits all 2001 onwards Subaru WRX & STI

WRX and STI enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the APS High Flow Pod Air Intake system has been designed as a do-it-yourself installation - and we are sure you will find the experience personally rewarding.

Click on the diagram to the left for installation information.