Dark Side 


"APS Subaru WRX STI - We always knew the STI was quick, but didn't realise it could be this driveable"  

Wheels Magazine  



Can't find what you want under the bright lights of
the Big Guys' showrooms?  Then come with us'
They exist in the shadows cast by some of the best known names in the high-performance business.  They are small.  They are ambitious.  And they are prepared to go where the Big Guys fear to tread.  Body builders Hillier Conversions (hearses a specialty) teamed up with Recaro and Momo people Roman Autotek to do the Falcon Coupe that Ford and Tickford couldn't.  Corsa Special Vehicles' business is the creation of V8 Holdens that go a little further and a little harder than HSV's.  They've been at it for a decade now.  APS are turbo-ticklers, whose aim is to fill in the gaps left by the likes of STi.

They lack the legitimacy that comes with official sanction, but Australia has always liked rebels.  The pages of Wheels used to be full of cars built by those for whom standard just wasn't good or fast enough.  Our country has a great history of producing maverick low volume car builders and talented, power-hungry tuners.

It's tougher work now than it ever was.  These days there are legislated standards, like those for exhaust emissions, to be satisfied.  There are complex consumer confidence issues to be dealt with. It's an environment where only the fittest survive.  Hillier and Autotek, CSV and APS are all survivors.  They have earned the right to be taken seriously.

It's a right we recognize, which is why we've devoted the following dozen pages to answering the tough questions about the Arrow Ford Coupe, CSF Mondo GT and APS Subaru STi.  Do they deliver on their performance promises?  Do they handle proficiently?  Are they polished products or amateurish efforts?

Turn the page to enter shadow land and find the answers'.