APS Sprint Spec System 

"On the road, it all means the APS STi is a more relaxing drive because you’re not constantly hunting back through the six-speed for a ratio that’s actually gonna spool up some herbs. The thing will actually accelerate in sixth now, which is really saying something."



" APS Subaru WRX STI - We always knew the STI was quick, but didn't realise it could be this driveable"  

Wheels Magazine  


" Result?  Outstanding response.  Anywhere, anytime the APS STi is swelling with turbo-boosted torque.  Mid-range acceleration is phenomenal "  


" It's a smarter STI."  

Wheels Magazine

" It has virtually no lag and delivers fantastic response from as low as 2500-2600 rpm."

Wheels Magazine

sti on dyno

2002 Model STI Australian Specification
We are passionate about high performance for the All Wheel Drive Subaru. Drawing on 20 years of turbocharging and intercooler system design and production knowledge, our mission is to produce the very best high performance systems and components to significantly enhance MY02 STI engine power.

As the STI enthusiast is continually looking for higher performance, APS developed the perfect performance package for the driver chasing performance with stealth.

At last here is a Road and Track "power-up" installation that has been designed and engineered as a complete system by one of Australia's most experienced companies in the field. The APS Sprint Spec System is optimized specifically for the STI and for Australia's unique conditions and fuel octane ratings.

APS has transformed Subaru's STI by boosting standard flywheel output from 195 kW to an exhilarating 230 kW. But that doesn't tell the whole story.

APS STI Sprint Spec Dyno Chart  

Outstanding results right across the RPM range to keep you grinning from idle to red line!

Significantly enhanced mid range torque and power (at 3,300 RPM an increase from 40 kW at the wheels to an outstanding 105 kW) really transforms the STI into a torque monster with fantastic straight line acceleration - without sacrificing day to day driveability and fuel economy. And at higher engine RPM, the improvement is just as dramatic. At 7,500 RPM power output is increased from a standard power level of 121 kW at the wheels to a wicked 152 kW! - That's 35 more kW at the wheels!

At APS our commitment to thorough research and development of individual components ensures high engine performance with maximum component durability. Innovative manufacturing techniques guarantees a level of fit and finish rarely seen in after market products.

The APS High Output Exhaust system for the STI for example has set the benchmark for performance exhausts. Careful attention has been paid to exhaust noise and note without compromising outright performance. A strong but subdued exhaust note with no drone at highway cruise and well matched to the dynamics of the STI.

The perfect exhaust for daily driving and truly exhilarating under high speed driving conditions.

All components supplied have been carefully matched and exceed APS's strict performance and reliability criteria. With many kilometers of road and track testing, on APS engineering vehicles ensures maximum performance and component durability.

APS enhanced WRX's and STI's have competed and won many hill climbs, club sprints and road rallies. At APS we have a simple philosophy when it comes to performance. To come first, first you must finish.

Performance is not only measured by quick quarter mile times and high speed. At APS we believe it's as important that you have many years of reliable enjoyment and a car that is always exhilarating to drive.

Installation and tuning of the APS Sprint Spec system can be completed in two days by APS or by APS's national network of authorized agents.


APS Sprint Spec System includes:
High Flow Turbo
Exhaust Discharge

Unichip engine management
High Flow Air Cleaner Element
High Volume Dual Vent Blow Off Valve

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Unichip boost mapping