Intercooler Water Spray 

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 APS Intercooler Water Spray System

Intercooler Water Spray System
As boost pressure is increased, the temperature of the inlet air increases and not only robs power from the engine but also increases the likely hood of detonation.

The APS Intercooler Water Spray System is designed to increase the effectiveness of an intercooler by spraying a fine mist of water over the intercooler core. As the fine water particles on the core evaporate, additional heat energy is removed over and above that possible through the intercooler alone.

Utilizing genuine STI water spray nozzles and production quality under hood components, the APS Intercooler Water Spray System ensures that you maintain that "factory" look whilst taking advantage of what is arguably the best performing WRX water spray system available.

The APS Intercooler Water Spray System is complete with every component required for installation and also includes the Unichip water spray driver module. Unichip control means that the water spray system operation is tailored to the exact requirements of your engine and activated only when the engine requires addition cooling of the charge air to the engine.

NOTE: Not sold separately