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Winners are grinners!
We at APS love our motor racing. No keyboard racing here.
1st, 2nd and 3rd fastest times in Round 6 (Sandown) of the WRX Club championships!
Robert Rapisarda
  • APS High Output engine
  • APS Extreme Spec Exhaust
  • APS R Series FMIC
  • APS High Flow Intake
  • Unichip
  • Unichip Launch Control
  • 4 Unichip controlled aux. injectors

    Mitch - APS Customer
    Version 5 STI
  • APS High Output Exhaust
  • APS Top Mount Intercooler
  • APS High Flow Intake
  • Unichip
  • APS Intercooler Water Spray

    David Luxon
  • APS RT Spec System